Icons shape generations and change the world.
Okay, how do you tell people that a car will change how we move and all the other things that come with it?
You make it an icon from the very start. You know, into something that shapes generations, someone that didn’t only change the game - but the rules.

This was the global campaign for the launch of the Kia EV9, a car aimed to reshape the EV segment.
Agency: Innocean Berlin
CCO: Gabriel Mattar
ECD: Ricardo Wolff
CD Copy: Pedro Lurenço
CD Art: José Gomes
Senior Copywriter: Andy King
Senior Art Director: Ailton Henriques
Copywriter: Gus Haffling
Art Director: Mandeep Kumar
Junior Copywriter: Javier Granados
Junior Art Director: Leon Celay
Senior Producer: Michael Endres
Account Director: Mark Preston
Account Manager: Jungmoon Kang